Bunpimay Festival or New Year in Laos

Bunpimay Festival is organized when the sky seems to be bluer and higher, large rivers are filled with water symbolizing prosperity for the new year…
New Year of Laos in Laotian language: ປີ ລາວ ໃຫມ່ or Bunpimay Festival follows the Buddhism calendar because of in Laos, since longtime, Buddhism became the state religion. The people will throw water on each other to ask for good luck and peace for the whole year. As countries: Thailand and Cambodia, the Bunpimay holiday brings freshness, prosperity for all things, purity, prosperity, happiness of human life. Bunpimay is an opportunity to nurture and to develop the folk arts.
Bunpimay Festival in Laos takes place in three days. People clean houses, roads ... during the first day which is also the last day of the old year.

The second day is considered as the transition between the old and the new year. The third day is reserved for celebrations with many jubilant activities everywhere. During the three days of Bunpimay in Laos, local people do not work and there is no trading activity.
Bunpimay, at first, was held in the first day of January. However, winter is not appropriate to throw water. This is why the festival was moved to April, the hottest time of the year.
You'll find fun, happiness everywhere, inside the houses to the streets despite the short nights. Although this is a feast, but peoples in Laos respect and treat each other with gentleness and with human values. Therefore, we never see the disputes, anger ... during the Bunpimay Festival in Laos.
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