Myanmar's unforgettable festivals


Thingyan festival at Bagan
Thingyan Water and New Year Festival
Thingyan Water and New Year festival consists of five days of celebration every April. Thingyan is Myanmar’s most popular festival and includes song and dance at decorated pavilions across the country. Pouring water over one another is also customary, as it is believed to cleanse the heart and physical being of the past year’s negativity. Celebrators also make offerings to the gods and pay their respects to loved ones to represent the start of a new year.
Hot Air Balloon Festival
The Hot Air Balloon Festival is an annual celebration held during three days every November in Taungyi, in southern Shan State.  Arguably the most stunning event of the year, this festival invites thousands of tourists and pilgrims to revel in the amateur and expert balloon competitions and stare up at the brilliant paper balloons floating up into the dark sky.
Salone Festival
The Salone Festival celebrates the Salone people that live in the Myeik Archipelago. Known as an isolated group, many Salone live in boats during the dry season and uphold traditions by continuing the same fishing practices used by generations before them. This February celebration promotes tourism with respect to the Salone people and the Myeik Archipelago in southern Myanmar, and visitors can observe spiritual dances, folk singing and traditional Salone feasts.