Reasons hopping on your biking is the best thing ever

We've talked about the things holding you back from cycling, now it's only fair that we mention the many ways readers' lives are enriched by hopping on a bike
1) Cycling is freedom
Climbing up Plynlimon out of Machynlleth on Lôn Las Cymru.
The most cited reason. Birds and pilots may disagree, but even flying doesn't come as close to the sensation of flying as cycling does.
2) Travelling by bike is actually pretty quick
A cyclist commuting across London.
Regular cycle commuters will happily tell you how much time they save compared to other modes of transport. It's (even more) frustrating to be sat on the top of a slow-trundling bus when you're used to whizzing along on two wheels.
3) It makes you fit...
Keeping active: two cyclists in the Netherlands.
If a mere one in ten UK journeys was made by bike, the NHS would save £250m a year, according to Cambridge University research, such are the health benefits of cycling. One reader wrote in to highlight this with a contribution entitled, simply, "tight buns."
4)... and it makes you feel better
Our reader takes a mirrored bridge selfie at the Olympic Park, London.
Though the scientific evidence remains inconclusive, our readers were adamant: regular cycling makes you feel better.
5) It saves you money
A charity shop find, spruced up by our reader.
Commuting costs are increasingly eye-watering, whether you're paying for fuel or shelling out for a bus or train pass. While cycling can have its costs - it's worth learning the basics of cycle maintenance - you can save plenty by using a bike to get around.
6) You can get back to nature
View from Caesar's Camp, Aldershot, at sunrise.
I cycled to Cornwall with some friends from north London last year, and once I'd escaped the tentacles of the A-roads surrounding Guildford, something wonderful happened: turns out, England is actually pretty beautiful. This is not as easy to appreciate when you're driving (or being driven) along the motorways and the trunk roads.
7) It's an adventure
Think I've packed everything.
The feeling of setting off on an entirely new trip, without having a fully coherent vision of where you're going to end up, it one of the joys of cycle touring.
8) You can stop and take in your surroundings
You wouldn't experience this in a car.
And maybe have a nice rest while you're at it. "Let's stop here, it's a beautiful spot" is a much better rationale than "that last hill nearly killed me."
9) It's good for the environment
'Shopping bags and my son in our cargo bike.'
A lot of our readers - particularly those with children - cited a concern for the environment as a key reason for cycling. And who wouldn't want their kids to grow up in towns and cities less clogged with pollution?
10) It's fun!
'Did I mention it's fun?'
This should already be evident from the various reasons above, but the sheer glee of our readers' submissions has to be noted. They'd go door to door to convince you, if they had to, like two-wheeled evangelists, and probably get quite fit in the process.


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